Ross Gabrielli

The newest member to Gala! Since he was six years old and grilling Chicken on the set of The Last of the Mohicans with his Dad, catering has been in his blood. Ross and his "Young Gala Crew" started out in Baton Rouge, LA and has been cooking up a storm in Cajun Country ever since. He has become the driving force of introducing Gala to all that Social Media has to offer. It is easy to keep up with Gala now on FACEBOOK and TWITTER- thanks to Ross!

Donna Cushing

Owner and Managing Partner in Gala Too, Inc. Before joining Gala Catering in 1992, Donna was Executive Chef of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. Along with diversified menu's and the will to be the best, Donna is an asset to any production team. Her incredible dedication to detail and logistical skills make her one of the leading Women Caterers in the U.S. today!

Patricia Hilll

Patricia has the longest tenure at Gala. While working as a Head Chef, Pat founded and is part Owner and Managing Partner of Knick Knack Patty Snacks, a Company developed at Gala Catering to service the Craft Service Industry. Her creativity and work ethic is second to none. Any Producer would be proud to have her on their team. Pat is a testament to the longevity and growth within our Company!

Oscar Gonzalezl

Oscar has been with Gala for over 12 years. He has worked his way up the ranks and is now one of our Top Chef's. After years of dedication to his craft, he became Lead on Grandma's Boy and has never looked back. Oscar's style is always under control and with the biggest smile anyone could offer He has helmed over 25 Feature Films and Television Shows including Chicago Fire and Grown Ups 2!

Hector Garcia

Hector is a 17 year veteran of Location Film Catering! After working with several Catering Companies we are proud to say he has found a home here at Gala Catering. With his sassy style, creativity and fresh and exciting menu's, Hector is quickly becoming one of Gala's most sought after Chef's. Hector has become an important part of Gala's ability to keep Film Crews Happy and Well Fed Nationwide!


David is a 12 year veteran of Gala Catering. David is a man of high morals and values. His personality, standards for high food quality and clean, functioning equipment embraces all of what Gala Catering stands for. David has been the Lead Chef on TNT's hit TV show Dallas for three years now. He is a favorite to many filmmakers such as Screen Gems, Happy Madison and Offspring Entertainment.